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Team 2017. Credit : Elias Djemil



Foreword 2017


A shared emotion doesn’t add up, it multiplies. Although it is sometimes said that film is mainly a personal experience, we believe that in a group film becomes amplified.

We witness this multiplication every year because of you. With your help, support and enthusiasm for the Festival has continued to grow. We take pride in building a major event right here in Québec City that becomes bigger every minute thanks to you.

The QCFF belongs to you. Share it now! Keep multiplying. You will see, it will come back to you in so many ways. Thank you to the city, our partners, the Council, all the volunteers, the artists and of course the thousands of film lovers. We love you. So much.

This year’s Festival will be extraordinary, we promise!


Your QCFF team




The team


Founders |  Olivier Bilodeau, Marie-Christine Laflamme, Christophe Lemmonier

Managing and art Director  |  Ian Gailer  |  With the QCFF since 2015 – direction@qcff.ca – Tw : @igailer

Film Programming

Programming Director  |  Olivier Bilodeau  |  With us since 2011 – prog@qcff.ca

Programming Coordinator  |  Laura Rohard  |  With us since 2014 – films@qcff.ca

Programming Assistant |  Irina Löfdahl |  With us since 2016 – adjprog@qcff.ca

Programming Assistant | Sonia Revaux  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – adjfilms@qcff.ca

Programming Consultant  |  Laurence Reymond  |  With us since 2015 – laurence.reymond@gmail.com

Programming Advisor  |  Alexie Dmitriev  |  With us since 2015

Art and Exploration Section Curator  |  Ariane Plante  |  With us since 2015

Pre-selection commitee  |  Thomas-Louis Côté, Christophe Neault, Ariane Deschenes

Pre-selection Committee – Local and Regional Short Films  |  ​Mélissa Bouchard, Émilie Peltier, Jérôme Michaud

Educational programs Manager  |  Jessika Munger  |  With us since 2015 – education@qcff.ca

Educational programs Consultant  |  Sylvie Poisson  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D  – education@qcff.ca

Events Programming

Events Programming Coordinator  |  Sophie Blais  |  With us since 2016 – evenements@qcff.ca

Innovation Delegate  |  Amandine Gauthier  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – projets@qcff.ca

Booker  |  jean-Baptiste Hervé  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D

Stage director and creativity delegate  |  Olivier Normand  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D

Scenographer  |  Julie Lévesque  |  With us since 2015 

Lighting Designer  |  Bruno Matte  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D 


Communications and marketing

Communications and Marketing Directior  |  Virginie Lavoie-Larouche  |  With us since 2016 – marketing@qcff.ca

Communications Assistant  |  Marion Charrier  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – adjcom@qcff.ca

Marketing and Public Development Assistant  |  Samüel Roy  |  With us since 2016 – adjmarketing@qcff.ca

Press Relations, Québec region  |  Pointcomm  |  With us since 2013 – info@pointcomm.net

Media Relations, Montreal and Regions  |  Canopée Média  |  With us since 2015 – info@canopee.tv

Invitations & protocol Manager  |  Jessika Munger  |  With us since 2015 – protocole@qcff.ca

Photographers  |  Marion Desjardins, Louis-Philippe Chiasson, Stéphane Bourgeois and Max-Antoine Guérin

Videographer  |  __________

Visual Design Conception  |  Criterium Design, Franie-Éléonore Bernier, Morisson Films (Québec) and Studio Élément

Responsible for Publishing, Web and Branding  |  Laurence Bégin  |  With us since 2015 – edition@qcff.ca

Publishing, Web and Branding Assistant  |  Laurence Lacroix  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – edition@qcff.ca

Graphic Design  |  Criterium Design  |  With us sincee 2014

Translation  |  Textshop Translation  |  With us since 2016

Printing  |  Solisco  |  With us since 2013

Web  |  iX Media  |  With us since 2015

Production and logistics

Production and logistics Director  |  Anne-Julie Vallée  | With us since 2016 – production@qcff.ca

Production Assistant  |  Christine Gagnée  |  With us since 2011 – adjprod@qcff.ca

Guest Office Manager  |  Irina Löfdahl  |  With us since 2016 – adjprog@qcff.ca

Guest Office Assistant  |  Sonia Revaux  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – adjfilms@qcff.ca

Volunteers Manager  |  Geneviève Bourdages  |  With us since 2016  – benevoles@qcff.ca

Venue Managers  |  __________  |

Transportation and shuttles  |  __________  |

Technical and diffusion

Technical and Diffusion Director  |  Daniel Charlebois  |  With us since 2015 – dt@qcff.ca

Diffusion Technician  |  Manuel Acevedo Civantos  |  With us since 2011 – technique@qcff.ca

Print Traffic Coordinator  |  Maryane Drouin  |  With us since 2015 – copies@qcff.ca

Subtitles Coordinator  |  Patrick Paré  |  With us since 2015

Subtitles  |  Jean-François Blais, Audrey Blanchette, Sarah Bouffard, Maxime Camiré, Maëlle D'Amours, Iris Farley, Steven Gaudet, Caroline Martin, Mélissa Michaud, Claudie Ouellet, Ranishta Shanyu Sonah et Mylène Tremblay; Université Laval interns, under the direction of Pr. Louis Jolicoeur  |  Helping us since 2015

Technical Services  |  LSM Ambiocréateurs  |

Post Production  |  Peak Media and Studio Élément  |

Association  |  The QCFF would like to thank the work and collaboration of members of Local 523 of the I.A.T.S.E.


Administrative Officer  |  Sylvie Dubé  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – administration@qcff.ca

Accounting  |  Mallette  |  With us since 2013 

Box Office Manager  |  __________  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D – billetterie@qcff.ca

Palais Montcalm Box Office Manager  |  Diela Diambomba  |  With us since 2011 – diela.diambomba@palaismontcalm.ca

Box Office Services  |  Beavertix  |  With us since 2014 





Board of Directors



PHILIPPE POULIN, Chair – District Vice President, Fidelity Investments

MÉLANIE CARRIER, Vice-chair – Filmmaker & Producer, MÖ Films 

OLIVIER CROCHETIÈRE, CA., Treasurer – Director of Certification Service, Audet Beaudoin Girard

JULI DUTIL, Secretary – Strategic development & creativity director, Procycle



LYNDA BEAULIEU – Robert Lepage's Agent and President of Théâtre Le Diamant

PR THIERRY BELLEGUIC – Professor - Université Laval, Special Adviser to the Culture Rector

SOPHIE-EMMANUELLE CHEBIN CAMPEAU, LL.L MBA – Associate, Arsenal  / Counseling, strategy & gouvernance

VINCENT MASSON, Vice President – Executive Vice President, Théâtre Le Diamant

BRUNO DÉRY – Business development, Senior advisor, BCF Business Law

MARIE-CHRISTINE LAFLAMME – Coordinator of Transactional Website Operations, South Shore Furniture

VACANT  –    



JEAN-GUY BOUTHOT – Founder and President, IDE Conseil


All of you, volunteers friends.

...and you, dear cinephiles.